Snacks That Can Make or Break Your Keto Diet

Snacks That Can Make or Break Your Keto Diet

You may have been wondering if you’ve been doing the right thing or even eating the right food for your keto diet. Well, with proper diet and exercise, the next thing you’ll probably think about is if it is okay to enjoy a snack or two when you are feeling hungry. One of the key principles of keto diet is to prevent hunger for hours after eating a full meal but it does not mean that it’s a mortal keto-sin to munch on a snack when you feel like it or when your body seems to need more energy during the day.

The key in keto snacking is not the timing but the kind of food you should eat to make sure you’re on the right track on your keto diet. You also have to remember that keto involves a very low carb, high fat diet. So here are some snacks that you can have for your keto diet from worst to best.

The Worst…

These “crackers” can crack up your keto diet with its rich carb content. Given that it is fat-free and has sodium, pretzels are a no-no on the keto snack list.

Potato Chips
An ounce of potato chips has about 14 grams of net carbs. That’s already a lot when you’re on keto. You can bid these chips farewell and choose an alternative instead.

Well, they do not technically fall under the snack category but most people on keto diet find themselves falling victim to the classic “juice blunder.” Juices, especially those that are not freshly squeezed, have lots of sugar that is not a sweet treat for your keto diet.

Some types of fruits
You may have known the many benefits of certain fruits like oranges, bananas, and apples, but some of these fruits can actually do more harm than good when you’re on a keto diet. Bananas may be healthy but a small one of these has more than 20 grams of net carbs. That means taking your entire carb allowance on a single fruit.

The best…

Good snacks to eat on ketoAlmonds
Almonds are a ketogenic’s best friend with its small amount of net carbs and high in protein. They also have an impressive nutritional profile that adds more benefits to your health.

Hemp hearts
These are excellent sources of plant-based protein and healthy fats. You can also make different recipes for these nutritious seeds.

Sunflower seeds
Munching on sunflower seeds doesn’t only fill the gap between mealtimes, but it also benefits health in several ways. The bright side is that sunflower seeds are high in fat that can make an excellent choice for your keto snacking.

Still nuts with some nuts? Well hazelnuts are an excellent choice to buy you some extra time to postpone meals when you don’t have much time. Combine hazelnuts with high-quality, vegan and vegetarian friendly chocolate and you’re sure to enjoy a delicious snacking experience.

If you are used to plant-based diets such as vegan and vegetarian diets, there are a lot of choices you can buy online. Key-To Life Keto Bars are perfect keto diet snacks when you’re on the go. Key-To Life Keto Bars are gluten free, keto friendly, plant-based, vegan and vegetarian friendly, and with no added sugar.

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